Monday, 4 July 2011

Solo Exhibition News

Just over 3 weeks ago I was asked if I would like a solo exhibition in my home town (admittedly it's not London, but what the hell) and I, perhaps slightly foolishly, said yes! Since then I have been manically sending out invites, getting work framed and all manner of other things sorted, all around the confines of a full time job (it's actually made me want to be unemployed again just so I don't have rush so much!). Now it's just 5 days a away and I still need to get some final work framed, prices sorted and even more little niggling things. Hopefully it'll all be alright on the night!
Above is the invite for it, if anyone is in the area at some point and fancies a little look, feel free to pop in!

Right, back to work...


Anonymous said...
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dberube-art said...

Beautiful image!!!