Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Degree Show 2010

Here are a couple of photographs of my final degree show at Norwich University College of the Arts. It's been very stressful (and expensive) getting it all set up, but I think it's worth it.

The Private View was last night and very hectic, but I did speak to some lovely people and got a few compliments on my work, which I'm very pleased about. The show is on until the 29th of June, so if you live near Norwich you should definitely check it out, especially the Illustration area which, in my humble (and completely unbiased) opinion, is the standout exhibition in the show.


Dulcie Emerson said...

Congratulations, it looks brilliant :)

Modern Girl Style said...

Your artwork looks so amazing!! Wow!! Congrats on the show & your degree!! What a way to enjoy the summer!

Dale Wylie said...

Really cool stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Waiting for more!
X David, NYC