Monday, 25 October 2010

Clearly, I was lying...

I seemed to have reneged somewhat on my promise to keep this blog updated. It's now been a month since my last post! Unfortunately, I don't have any new work to present. Fear not, though, as progress is still continuing. My press is now screwed onto a counter-top, I have purchased a lovely big bit of glass to sit on the chest of drawers for me to roll up ink on, and I am currently going through a whole pile of sample papers in order to decide my preferences when it comes to a large order. At the moment I am working in a new job five days a week, but work is also progressing. I'm currently working on three separate projects: a commission that I'm rather excited about, but cannot say any more than that; a poster competition; and a number of ideas for a collaborative zine with the rather talented Ben Rothery and Matthew Gee. Hopefully soon I'll have money to afford inks and papers and I'll be able to show some new work but, for now, I just figured I'd prove I'm not, like, dead.

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