Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Progress in the Studio

Of course, when I say studio I really mean my parents garage until I have enough money to move out...

I picked up my press on Monday, and doesn't it look lovely? If you fancy getting yourself one then visit Magenta Sky. They're handmade by a very friendly couple in Cambridgeshire and are very affordable.
I've also bought some plywood for some press bed plates (see bottom right corner of above photo). These still need the edges sanding down but apart from that, the printmaking studio of my dreams is coming on. There's a lovely chest of drawers which I plan on screwing the press down onto so I can keep it more stable, and 2 large drawers which i plan on using for inks and papers. All it needs is a handle replacing, one of the drawer runners fixed and a rather large case of woodworm to sort out. Still, it's something to do.
Speaking of inks and papers, these are some more things that I still need to buy before i start producing more work (I have black and a couple of colours in water-based inks but from experience the ones I own aren't great). I have just received the 2010 catalogue from Lawrence so I shall be perusing and purchasing when money allows.

On a different topic, a selection of gorgeous goodies from the wonderful Emma Cowley arrived in the post a couple of days ago, which put a smile on my face.

As a final note, I cannot stop listening to Basia Bulat at the moment so thought I'd share her with you all through this link here.


emma armitage said...

i love it. jealous factor.

joe baker said...

The press looks spiffing. Can't wait to see what sort of prints you can get from it.

Abby Illustration said...

Wow, the press is gorgeous!!

SKIZO said...