Thursday, 19 May 2011

Martin Messent - Try To Begin

I've been waiting to show you this!

Towards the end of last year I was approached by the very talented singer/songwriter Martin Messent to produce the album artwork for his latest album, 'Try To Begin'. Today I received in the post my very own copy of the album which is now finally on sale. Above are the results of a very amiable collaboration, and I think it's come out pretty darn well! 

This was my first commission proper, and hopefully the start of many more! Be sure to check out Martin's music, and buy the album if it appeals - anyone into their folk or americana will find a great deal to enjoy!

Until next time.


Anonymous said...

Oh my days Benedict this is amazing! I know this sounds kinda rude, but I would have never thought of putting your work in album artwork! It actually work amazingly! Congrats x

BrandNewStudio said...


Brine Blank said...

Great images and I really like your handling of negative space and typography...well done!