Thursday, 20 October 2011

k'astajisaj / tzpa ri tikitajik



k'astajisaj / tzpa ri tikitajik
to bring to life / since the beginning
k'astajisaj / tzpa ri tikitajik is a response to the K'iche' Mayan myth detailing the creation of man in the Mayan bible, the Popol Vuh. In it the two gods of the Maya, Tepeu and Gucumatz, first attempted to create man from mud but these men were weak and had no strength so the gods destroyed them. Their next attempt used wood as the medium but while these men could walk and talk they had no souls. Finally, as dawn was approaching, they succeeded by mixing maize and water, the foodstuffs of the Maya.

In my interpretation I place myself, the artist, in the position of the various creations. Each piece of the triptych of linocuts represents one of the stages in the creation of man and mirrors the continuous and universal destruction and renewal of our selves as individual beings throughout life.

käch' xoq'ol


q'or re ixim

Yes. I know. I've kept you waiting quite a while for these! However, in my defence, I have been working quite a lot, and I am right in the middle of moving into my own place, so it's been quite hectic. On the plus side, I'm going to have a nice big home studio all set up, so once I'm all moved in I'll upload some tasty photos for your perusal!

I'm also currently working on a new project, more of which later.

Thanks for your patience, hopefully it won't be so long 'til my next post!

Much love


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